The Summer School course includes a number of educational visits outside the classroom. All of these are included in the fees. There are no extras to pay.

Class VisitsĀ 

Each week there is a full-day class visit to a famous site in England. The site will be chosen for its historical or cultural importance, and is of educational interest to young people. The students prepare the visit in advance with their class teacher, will have a guided tour of the site and will complete an educational project related to the visit. Visits are chosen to be suitable for the age and ability of the students in the class.

Theatre VisitsĀ 

Each class will have the opportunity to go on a visit to the theatre. The show will be chosen to suit the age and English ability of the student. Shows such as WICKED, WAR HORSE, MATILDA etc. have become legendary around the world. This is both an educational experience and a good exercise in understanding English. The visit is prepared and studied for in class time.

Shopping and Sightseeing

On two out of the five excursion days students will also visit famous sightseeing destinations, and have the chance to go shopping in a large out-of-town shopping centre. Recent highlights include The London Eye, the British seaside and Chislehurst Caves!