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Specialist Activity Upgrades

Our Summer School allows students the opportunity to upgrade their course to focus on what is important to them, whether that be studying for English qualifications, learning additional skills such as content creation or photography or even taking flying lessons.

Over the two week course, our Summer School includes 24 hours of English classes and a great selection of afternoon activities such as sports, arts & crafts and swimming.

You can upgrade to the Specialist Activity options listed below. Simply choose one option and this will be used to create your personal timetable.

We know its a tough choice but you can only choose one!

Each specialist activity programme comes with four afternoon sessions as well as, in some cases, additional excursions and/or presentations.


Young Pilots Summer School (13+)

Perfect for students considering a career in aviation or even just the daring student who wants to try something new. The course includes flying lessons, a trip to Duxford Air Museum and a presentation from a commercial airline pilot!


Content Creation Summer School (15+)

A 2 week programme for the budding social media star. Learn to take photos, edit videos, set up live streaming equipment and gain followers. The course includes an excursion to the London Selfie Factory and a talk from a social media expert or influencer.


Photography Summer School

Professional grade DSLR camera will be provided to students along with tuition from our resident photographer. Students will be given a memory stick with their photos on to take home.


Boarding School Taster Programme

This is for students considering moving to the UK for their education. Get taster lessons in various academic subjects, a tour of the main school and a Q&A session with our admissions team.



For young golfers or anyone that wants to try something new. The course includes golf lessons by PGA professionals at a near by golf course.


Horse Riding

Students will learn to ride as well as take care of a horse at a local stable.