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Joining an international summer school is an exciting time but travelling far from home and meeting new people can be a nervous or worrying time.  Support and wellbeing are the wraparound services we offer to ensure all students feel fully supported to make the most of their time at St Edmund’s College.

Students are not just a name on a list, but young people who are well known to the staff and are nurtured to ensure that they achieve their full potential in all areas of summer school life.

Welfare Manager

Our management team includes a dedicated Welfare Manager whose full-time job is to make sure that all students are healthy and happy, and that any problems they may have are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Our Staff

We complete background checks on everyone who works for us, including Safeguarding checks and past employment references.  All our staff must complete Child Protection training.

Campus Security

Our campus is not open to the public. All students and staff must wear special lanyards containing ID cards with their names and photographs on them.  Anyone found on campus without one is challenged immediately.  We also have 24/7 CCTV in all public areas.

Health Centre

All students have access to our own health centre which is situated within the College campus. It is a fully equipped medical surgery, staffed by qualified nurses.

Health, Support & Wellbeing