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The Summer School is an integral part of St Edmund's College, and several members of staff work year-round preparing for the summer period. Including nurses, teachers, house parents and managers there are over 50 people employed by the Summer School each year.

The management team below are jointly responsible for the Summer School operation:

Summer School Director

Mike Pengelly

Mike Pengelly has overall responsibility for the Summer School which includes programme design, promotion, strategic development as well as the welfare of all its students and staff.  He is always happy to talk to parents, students and recruitment agents about any aspect of the Summer School. 

Summer School Centre Manager

Neil Kimsey

Neil Kimsey is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Summer School and College site.  He makes sure that everything runs as it should and is in charge of the Health Centre, House Parent and Activities staff. 

Summer School Academic Manager

Richard Alford

Richard Alford is responsible for all academic content which includes the morning Global Skills in English and Global Skills International sessions as well as the Afternoon Activity Sessions, one-to-one tuition options and arrangements for all examinations.

Summer School Welfare Manager

Monique de Comarmond

Monique de Comarmond ensures that all students are healthy and happy, and that any problems they may have - ranging from feeling homesick to a lost phone - are dealt with quickly and effectively. Monique is always happy to speak to any parents about any concerns they might have about student's welfare.