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Academic Upgrades

Our Summer School allows students the opportunity to upgrade their course to focus on what is important to them, whether that be studying for English qualifications, learning additional skills such as content creation or photography or even taking flying lessons.

Over the two week course, our Summer School includes 24 hours of English classes and a great selection of afternoon activities such as sports, arts & crafts and swimming.

However, you can upgrade to the academic options listed below. Simply choose one option from the Academic Upgrades and this will be used to create your personal timetable.

We know its a tough choice but you can only choose one!

You can upgrade your English Classes to one of the academic extras detailed below. All of these are taught by qualified professionals and overseen by the academic manager.


Cambridge English Exams

If your student wishes to sit, or study for, the B2 level Cambridge First Certificate exam or the C1 Advanced Certificate exam, we can replace the general English lessons with specific exam focussed lessons, which will prepare students for the recognised, official qualification.

  • 7th to 20th July (no exam) £250
  • 21st July to 3rd August (with exam) £350
  • 4th to 17th August (no exam) £250


Students can replace their general English with IELTS qualification classes. These classes will help students achieve their potential in the internationally recognised English Exam.

  • 7th to 20th July (no exam) £250
  • 21st July to 3rd August (with exam) £350
  • 4th to 17th August (no exam) £250