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These sessions take place after lunch on class days and consist of a mixture of activities from sports, to arts and crafts, performing arts and even cookery!

All of the onsite activities, apart from a small handful listed below, are included in the course fee and do not need to be signed up for in advance.

The below optional extras either take place offsite or require specialist instructor / teachers and therefore incur an additional cost

The available additional extras are as follows:

Golf £130 10 hours
Students will get to grips with the basics of driving, pitching and putting at a local golf course. Over four afternoons they will play under the expert guidance of a PGA pro golfer.
Horse Riding £400 10 hours
This highly popular session is held at our local centre 15 minutes away from the College and caters to all ages and levels of expertise - from beginners to experienced riders. Each session is divided into one hour's riding and a second hour on horse care and stable management.
Outdoor Adventure Activities £140 10 hours
We offer a variety of dry and wet activities at our local aquatic adventure park. They will do a mixture of activities such as raft-building, rowing paddle-boarding, sailing, kayaking, high ropes and team building.
Cambridge English course and exams £275-375 10-20 hours

The Cambridge English qualifications are widely recognised as trustworthy evidence of English language proficiency.  We offer a one-week or two-week preparation course followed by an examination at a local assessment centre in Cambridge.

First (FCE) course and exam - £275 (one-week / 10 hours) or £375 (two-week / 20 hours)

Advanced (CAE) course and exam - £275 (one-week / 10 hours) or £375 (two-week / 20 hours)
IELTS course and exams £425 20 hours

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an examination aimed at those who are intending to apply for a university in an English-speaking country.  This session offers a preparation course and entry into an examination at a local assessment centre in Cambridge.

IELTS course and exam - £425 (two-weeks / 20 hours)

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Health & Fitness

Food Technology