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The Global Skills International Summer School is designed to develop student’s social and intellectual development and classes are based on the premise that students learn best when they are actively and thoughtfully engaged both in their immediate surroundings and in the wider world around them.

In a fast-evolving world, it is increasingly recognised that education needs to cover more than just traditional subjects if students are going to be equipped to flourish now and in the future.  We do not have a set curriculum or course books that the classes follow. Each week, the teachers plan their lessons ‘from scratch’, with the classes based on that week’s educational excursion.

This summer school programme provides 22 hours of instruction-based teaching per week, a full schedule of on and off-site activities and full day off-site excursions twice a week.

In-class teaching aims to have a student class size of 12 or less students per class.

Session structure

These Global Skills International sessions take place in the mornings and focus on additional skills which are critical for lifelong learning and success.  In addition to content encompassing communication and collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, they are divided into three distinct areas, with each focusing on either knowledge, skills or values.

  • Knowledge-based sessions - Contains subject-specific learning objectives where students may learn topics like history, politics or International Relations.
  • Skills-based sessions - In these lessons you will learn to do certain real-world skills, such as running a business, structuring an essay or conducting research.
  • Values-based sessions - We encourage you to challenge and develop the way that you see and interact with the world.  Featuring activities such as debates, discussions and discursive presentations.

Global skills prepare learners for lifelong success, not only academically and professionally but also personally.  As they develop these global skills, learners can become empowered and fulfilled citizens on an increasingly globalised 21st century world.


The full-day excursions are an integral part of the academic programme. The teachers accompany their classes on these trips, and the students extend their classroom learning out in the real world.

Each week, the classes are linked to the excursions, so if a class is going to the Shakespeare Globe Theatre, for instance, they may study some of Shakespeare’s works in class.

Age groups and class allocations

Students are grouped according to their age in three groups: Juniors (9-11), Middles (12-14) and Seniors (15-17).

Global Skills International