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These sessions take place after lunch and consist of instruction in a subject of the student's choice.  These courses are presented by specialists and qualified teachers / instructors. Class size varies according to subject with a maximum student to teacher ratio of 12:1. The classes are pre-booked during the initial enrolment, but changes can be made later. 

The available options are as follows:

Art & Design No fee 10 hours
These classes focus on developing student’s innate artistic gifts and talents with focus on using practical skills (such as painting, drawing and sculpture) to produce physical artwork that they can be proud of.
Photography No fee 10 hours
This course offers an introduction to photographic composition and technique. They will study photography in the classroom and then explore the College to put into practice what they have learnt. The best photographs will be publicly showcased for the other students to enjoy.
Film No fee 10 hours
This comprises both Film Studies, where students analyse and learn about film technique and methodology, and Film Making, where they will work together to produce their own short films.
Health & Fitness No fee 10 hours
This course offers a circuit training style curriculum with students completing a range of aerobic and anaerobic exercise designed to show them how to stay strong, fit and healthy.
Pool Sports No fee 10 hours
The highly popular Pool Sports course covers games such as Water Volleyball and Water Polo. They will learn the rules and essential skills required to win. This course takes place in the classroom and in our on-site swimming pool.
International Games No fee 10 hours
Take part in a mixture of different sports each day – for example, Volleyball on Monday, Badminton on Tuesday, Netball on Thursday and Table Tennis on Friday. This course is for students who want to broaden their horizons by learning the basics and practicing a range of sports instead of focusing on just one.
Football / Basketball / Tennis No fee 10 hours
This will involve theory and practical sessions where students will study the skills and techniques of each sport in the classroom as well as engage in practical sessions using our excellent sports facilities.
Drama No fee 10 hours
These sessions encourage students to develop their imaginations and powers of expression in English. Drama is a fun and engaging way of learning by interacting creatively and collaboratively.

Art & Design


Health & Fitness

Food Technology