Mr Lee Hawkes is the Director of the Summer School, and is responsible for its overall running and operation. He is always happy to talk to parents, children and agents about any aspect of the School. 
Mr Jake Atkinson is the Residential Manager of the Summer School. He is in charge of everything that happens outside the classroom; so he looks after airport transfers, social and sports activities, and the vocational lessons such as Tennis, Music and Ceramics. 
Mrs Barbara Tucker is the Summer School's Administrator. She manages all of the Summer School admissions, and helps the School run smoothly by dealing with all of its administrative requirements. Barbara is happy to speak to prospective and current parents about any queries or concerns they might have in regards to the admissions process, and can assist parents who may be interested in enrolling their children into the College during term time.
Miss Amy Howard is the Summer School's Operations Assistant. Amy works with Barbara to manage the Summer School's admissions, as well as all of the administrative needs of the School. Amy also maintains our Facebook page, and is in charge of our social media communications.