English Language Examinations

Dates & Fees 2017
Trinity ISE course duration: 2 weeks: 11-21 July or 1-11 August
Trinity ISE examinations period: 24-29 July or 14-19 August
Trinity ISE examination fee: £100
IELTS course duration: 3 weeks: 11-28 July or 1-18 August
IELTS examination: 29 July or 19 August
IELTS examination fee: £180

For an additional fee, we will prepare your child for a Trinity College London ISE or IELTS examination, which they will then take at the end of their course. Your child will have several hours of examination preparation classes in the afternoons (13:30 to 15:30) so that they are fully prepared. Certificates will be sent to parents after the end of the course. The fees include all costs and administration, and in the case of IELTS transport to and from the test venue.

Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English (ISE)

The Trinity examinations test and demonstrate candidates' general communicative competence in English. They are recognised worldwide, and are well-known across the education and language teaching sectors. These examinations test the four skills, and involve a 2 hour Reading and Writing examination and a separate Speaking & Listening examination - both of which are held at the College. We will help to decide which level examination (A2, B1, B2 or C1) is the most suitable for your child. Any child of any age can sit a Trinity ISE examination, but we normally recommend that those under 12 years old do not attempt any level higher than B1. Those enrolled on the Trinity Course will have two weeks' preparation time, before sitting the examinations during week 3.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The IELTS examination is designed to assess candidates' ability to communicate in Academic English. It is most commonly used to demonstrate a student's ability to function at English-speaking universities. For this reason, the IELTS examination is longer and more demanding than the Trinity examinations. We normally recommend that only those 15 years of age or older sit IELTS. Those enrolled on the IELTS examination will have 3 weeks of preparation classes before sitting the examination held in Cambridge on the final Saturday.

n.b. Those who have signed up for IELTS will not be able to join the others on the final Saturday shopping/sightseeing trip. They will, however, have a short amount of time for shopping in Cambridge in the afternoon.