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One-to-One Tuition

Bespoke, individual teaching for your child

We can offer your child one-to-one tuition with an experienced and qualified English Language teacher during their stay with us this summer. The sessions can be designed exactly to your child's needs. The classes take place during the afternoon activity periods. Each tuition period is for 1 hour, and you can choose as many periods as you wish. For all sessions, you will be sent a copy or summary of your child's work. You can book the one-to-one sessions online when you enrol your child.

We include below some examples of subjects which your child could cover with their tutor, but we are happy to discuss any other options or ideas which you might have.

Academic Writing
Improve your child's formal academic writing: descriptive, analytical, persuasive and critical essays and reports. This is essential for children who are consideration education in English-speaking countries in the future. The tutor will model examples of good writing and provide practical advice and modelling. Your child's writing will be marked and feedback given.
Whenever and however we use English, grammar is important. The tutor will begin with a short needs analysis, then provide custom tuition for any areas of your child's grammar which needs improvement and development. Your child will analyse how English is used in real life, followed by controlled practice then an opportunity to use the language learnt creatively.
Conversation and Error Correction
English is not just an academic subject that has to be learnt; it is a skill which we need to use in real life - and we learn through practice. Our tutor will prepare a series of conversational tasks and topics to engage your child. Throughout the session, your child's errors will be corrected and suggestions for further improvement will be made at the end of the session.
Creative Writing
Children learn language best when they are able to use it in creative expression. In this session your child will be guided through a structured creative writing process in order to create a short fictional piece such as a short story or poem. The tutor will edit and proof-read the writing with the child for a polished final draft.
Pronunciation: Listening and Speaking
It is critical that your child can understand what is said to them and communicate what they say to others clearly. In these sessions, your child will first be shown how to identify and tell the difference between certain sounds in English. They will then complete some controlled practice activities with their tutor, before engaging in open conversation with error correction.

Please feel free to contact us by emailing if you would like to discuss these sessions in more detail

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