As a boarding school, we have a medical centre on campus, "the Infirmary", which is open to all students. A qualified Nurse is there 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to help any student who feels unwell.
There are Surgery Times each day when the Nurse is available for consultation. If any student has a medical problem, it is important to talk to the Nurse about it.
If any student feels unwell at other times, the house parent will arrange an immediate visit to the Infirmary.
The College Doctor lives near to the campus, and the Nurse can arrange a consultation with the Doctor any time it is necessary. The Nurse can also arrange a hospital visit any time it is necessary.
EU citizens should bring their E111 Health Insurance card. Non-EU citizens should carry health insurance for emergencies.  Any non-urgent  medical appointments eg eye specialist, dentist, etc, can be arranged but there is usually a charge.
For minor sicknesses, the Infirmary has beds where a student can stay for a night to rest and be cared for.
Medical information will be held by the Nurse in private, so it is important for parents to inform the Nurse of any important information.