We want every student to be happy here. It is important to cooperate with others.

Basic Rules
Be friendly, kind, helpful and polite to everyone
Do not use bad language (in any language)
Speak English in all classes and activities
Integrate and make friends and speak English
Work well with your house parent, teachers and roommate
Stay in the College, do not leave the grounds
Do not smoke, chew gum or drink alcohol
Keep the College looking nice, no graffiti or litter
Keep your bedroom and belongings tidy
Be on time for lessons and excursions and bed
Keep your file of work tidy and take it home with you
Leave your MP3/iPod on the bus during excursions
Be very careful with your money and valuables
Strict Rules
Rudeness, racism, bullying and fighting are not tolerated
No boys are allowed in girls' residential areas
No girls are allowed in boys' residential areas
Drinking alcohol or drunkenness is not tolerated
Smoking is not tolerated
No intimate behaviour between boys and girls is allowed