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Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I book?

We accept bookings right until the start of each course, but we usually find that we reach full capacity by then!

To guarantee a place, we recommend booking before Christmas. We usually start reaching our limits for certain age groups, nationalities and genders by the end of March.

How many students of each nationality do you have?

Click here to see our nationality mix in 2018. Our 'cap' for speakers of each language is 15% for 2019, so a maximum of 15% students in each course will speak the same language.

How do I know that my child will be safe?

We take security very seriously. Everyone on the site wears lanyards & ID cards at all times, and we operate a 'closed site' whereby only employees and students of the College are allowed on site. All external contractors and guests are carefully monitored.

We carry out extensive checks on all of our staff to make sure that only the best people take care of your child.

What should my child bring?

We recommend:
warm-weather clothing cold-weather clothing trainers a towel
a dressing gown toiletries (toothpaste, etc..) all required medication a mobile phone
a swimming costume anything they can't live without some smart clothes pocket money

How much pocket money should my child bring, and how should I arrange that?

That depends on how much they want to spend! We think £50 per week is enough for shopping trips and occasional visits to the tuck shop. We ask that you transfer the pocket money to us through the website - we will then give your child the cash they need while they are here. If they arrive with cash we can't look after it and can't guarantee it will be safe.

Can my child attend religious services while at your Summer School?

Yes, we can arrange for your child to attend a service for any religion / denomination.

Is your Summer School Catholic?

No, the Summer School is not religious. However, St Edmund's College is a Catholic College and everything we do is in keeping with the College's Catholic ethos and identity.

Can my child share a bedroom with their friend?

We have a strict policy of children only sharing rooms with other children who do not speak the same language as them (so that everyone speaks English!)

Will you meet my child at the airport at the start of the course, and take them back to it at the end?

Yes - as long as they are arriving at/departing from London Stansted, Luton or Heathrow airports between 09:00 and 18:00 on the designated arrivals and departures days. We can suggest some companies specialising in unaccompanied minor airport transfers if your child is arriving outside these dates, times or airports.

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