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Sports and Activities

We believe that the perfect complement to a rigourous academic syallbus is a comprehensive programme of sport, activity and fun!

Our activities periods run from 16:15 to 21:30 on school days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), from 19:30 to 21:30 on excursion days (Wednesday and Saturday) and all day on Sundays. Unlike the classes in the mornings and afternoons, the activities periods are less structured - children can come and go between different activities - or, if they prefer, they can sit and relax or socialise.

Whenever it's not raining we have the Front Lawn area open for sports and games; we have two volleyball courts, a football pitch, frisbees and swingball open to all. In the centre of the College is our Ambulacrum, where we have Arts and Crafts activities available each session. Elsewhere in the College we run sports such as Basketball and Dodgeball, we open the gym for our older students and the Library and Computer rooms are open most days. If the children feel like a drink or a snack they can visit our Tuck Shop, which is open each period except the one before dinner! Between dinner and bedtime we show one film every night.

On Friday and Saturday nights we like to do something big and special with all the children and staff together - this includes events like the Front Lawn Festival, disco and karaoke! On Sundays we have big activities such as Capture the Flag, Sports Day and Man-Hunt.

In the first activity period between 16:15 and 17:30 the boarding corridors are open to the children so that if they like they can get changed, have a shower or use their phones to talk to friends and family back home. From 17:30 onwards the children are not allowed back in the boarding areas, and they must leave their phones upstairs. This is because we would like to the children to socialise and fully engage with their surroundings.

We also have a lot of off-site activities which we take the children to in our minibuses. The children are given the option of attending these one or two days beforehand, although capacity is limited.

When the weather allows it, a group of around 18 children and 2 members of staff will spend the night at our campsite - with marshmellows, guitars and bongos (and a fire extinguisher!).

Example on-site sports and activities
Arts & Crafts Athletics Badminton Basketball
Bingo Cricket Disco Dodgeball
Football Gym IT room Library
Movie Night Music Netball Pool Party
Quiz Night Swimming Table Tennis Tennis
Volleyball Water Volleyball Yoga Karaoke
Example off-site activities
Bowling Cinema Crazy Golf
Go-karting Ice-skating Laser Kombat

Art in the Ambulacrum

Our gymansium


Football on the astroturf



Badminton in our Sports Hall

Basketball in our Sports Hall


Our Library

Frisbee on our Front Lawn

Reading on the Front Lawn

Slingshots at Edge Activities

Chess in the Ambulacrum

Volleyball on the Front Lawn

Relaxing in the Common Room

Jenga in the Ambulacrum

Exercise in the Sports Hall

Swimming in the pool



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