English Through Other Subjects

13:30 to 15:30 four afternoon classes per week

This course provides 8 hours of teaching English through a subject of the student's choice. These courses are presented by specialists and qualified teachers. Class size varies according to subject with a maximum student to teacher ratio of 14:1. Courses are chosen on a weekly basis [Courses are subject to availability and demand]. An example of courses might be:

Ceramics and Pottery
Digital Art
Drama, Theatre and Film
Examination Preparation
Food Technology
Horse Riding
Intensive English
Local History 
Painting and Drawing
Scuba Diving
Shakespeare for Beginners
Sports Studies
Swimming & Survival

There are up to 20 different subjects available. Some are suitable for all ages, while some are suitable for older students. The teachers will help to choose suitable subjects for study.
Naturally the range of subjects offered is subject to availability and demand.
Some of these subjects will lead to an official qualification / diploma at the end.
Some ETOS courses are paid optional extra courses. These can be reserved and paid for when booking your child's place at the Summer School.