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English as a Second Language Lessons

Classes, visits and tours

We pride ourselves on our innovative teaching methodology. At the Summer School we subscribe to the Task- and Content-based learning approaches, whereby our English lessons are thematically linked to our excursions and deal with real-world themes and communicative tasks.

Assessment and Placement

Students are first assessed to determine the most appropriate level of class for them. The English language range is between Advanced [C2] and Upper Elementary [A2]. Please note that we do not offer courses for low level pupils [Beginner, Basic, A0-A1]

Students are placed in groups according to age:
Junior School ages 10 - 11 years
Middle School ages 12 - 13 years
Senior School ages 14 - 15 years
Sixteen Plus ages 16 - 17 years

Each pupil's ability is assessed in the key areas of reading, writing, listening speaking and grammar by the AcademicManager and their team.

Morning Classes - 09:00 to 12:30

Classes comprise of approximately 14 children of a similar age and ability. Class teachers are chosen for their subject knowledge and their ability to motivate children. As a team the teachers will have a range of skills, knowledge and experience appropriate to the age and level of students they teach.  Classes will engage and challenge students through interesting topics, projects and activities linked to educational visits, theatre visits, current affairs and the media. Lessons will develop confidence and fluency, extend vocabulary and there is a focus on pronunciation and error correction.

Educational Visits

Educational visits form an important part of the course and are a stimulus for educational learning and English language development. There is a full day class visit on a Wednesday and Saturday, and one theatre visit per course. These visits are all with the class teacher who will do preparatory and follow up work associated with the visits.

Advanced level English

Engaging and challenging lessons

Develop critical thinking

Superb classrooms

Excellent facilities for learning

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